Alien Covenant


Since I loved working on Prometheus, I was very excited at the prospect of contributing to its sequel: Alien Covenant. Despite the fact that I knew it would have been a much more marginal involvement, as this time the bulk of the work was supposed to be done by the MPC Montreal office…and…I was about to become a father!


In fact, a trailer delivery loomed at the horizon when my wife was supposed to have our son Alessandro and knew I was about to ‘vanish’ from a day to another leaving the team with the challenge of delivering a few shots in only a few weeks.
Obviously I had very good reasons for not being in the thick of the action this time, but it was none the less very difficult for me to accept that I couldn’t help. So, without committing to something that I couldn’t finish, I spent a few hours mocking up a background for one of the shots even before receiving a final match move, keeping in mind that this would have been only a starting point for another artist to make the final work.

Although it’s only a quick mock-up I think it’s interesting to show it here as the initial part of a longer process.

February 2017
Client: MPC // Fox
VFX Sup Client : Charley Henley
VFX Sup MPC : Ferran Domenech
CG Sup : Audrey Ferrara
DMP/ENV Sup : Marco Rolandi
DMP Lead : Amy Paskow
ENV Lead : Melody Mahoney
ENV Lead : Jules Bodenstein
Alien Planet Valley // DMP Mock-up crop.

Although this image was supposed to be the background to a very foggy and rainy shot I have worked keeping the full range of colours, to get my gradings and masks as good as possible, knowing that it’s usually simple enough to reduce the visibility and the latitude later on in Nuke.

Engineers City // DMP for the surrounding mountains.

Once back from my paternity leave I had to work on this shot, which is a mixture of CG and DMP. I’ve started from a full CG version which the supervisors used to define the layout and light direction for the shot, but I ended up replacing everything but the city and the trees in the foreground. The DMP was created in layers and projected onto simplified geometry that matched the geography of the original one.

Engineers City // Final Compositing.